Digital Lit. #4: Creating a PLN

A Personal Learning Network or PLN is an essential tool for modern era educators that strive to lead as master learners in their classrooms.  The challenge of building a PLN from scratch is immense, but manageable when taking the right steps. lays out the groundwork for creating a PLN and offers tips for managing the process.

Some schools, like mine :(, make networking more difficult by limiting resources available due to the misuse of others.  For example, Twitter is blocked on all school servers and therefore cannot be so much as linked and viewed by myself for the duration of the school day.  Therefore, I will not select Twitter as part of my immediate PLN.

What will I do?  There are many ways to network, and they all require some form of accessing the platform in order to view results.  Time management therefore, becomes a large part of any PLN.

My first choice for my PLN would be through grouping on  All of my classes are on Edmodo and I am constantly logged on for one reason or another.

Pinterest is by far my wife’s most favorite curator that she constantly uses for ideas for her own classroom, so I am somewhat familiar with the operation and tools.  Therefore Pinterest is an obvious choice, and I have also added Feedly.

I have used LiveBinder a few times and made it part of my PLN tools as well along with Google+ that I already use somewhat for other interests.

I honestly have never consciously attempted to create a PLN, but I was moderately surprised that much of what I needed was simply altering how I use programs that I already had, following things that interest me, and creating a few new accounts.


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