Digital Lit. #6: Blogging in the classroom

Prior to taking this Digital Literacy class I was very much a newb when it comes to blogging in general.  Admittedly, stereotypes of snooty blowhards pretty much kept my curiosity at bay.  For shame!  Luckily, it is not everyday that I realize I have been a complete idiot.  In searching resources about blogging in the classroom I learned a great deal about blogging, from the processes, how to grow a blog followers, how to track blogs using Feedly, and some ways to generate ideas for blogging about.

One of the most important things I learned came from the A Year of Reading blog.  I liked that they presented me with the idea of paper blogging.  I had intended on having my students create a classroom blog but was discouraged when I tried to implement a process.  A real no brainer, but I did not even think of having my kids make paper blogs where I could teach them the ins and outs of the writing/blogging process and how to be a responsible blogger.

From 6 Easy Ways to Grow Your Blog Readership I learned that a blog is like a person.  When you first create a blog, it is the new student in the classroom.  It can either sit quietly and hope for others to discover how great it is, or it can be proactive and search for others to help it grow.  By this I mean that a blogger must be proactive if they want a popular blog.  They must network by supporting others with meaningful comments.  They must advertise with social media and they must give their blogs a catchy name.

I added to my PLN without fully realizing how much it could help me track and try to model other blogs.  I could easily have my students follow and report on blogs that interest them.  Likewise, reading is the first step to being a good writer.  I feel that in order to create a successful blog you must read several blogs.

When searching the resources for Digital Literacy I came across these blogs that also help with understanding blogging and some idea generators, memes.


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