Today’s DS106 assignment is writing a response to the prompt below.

Where are they going?

Dawning his favorite driving goggles, Ralph leapt into the motorized carriage with the spring of a dog half his age.  It had been years since Ralph had his loyal servant, Reginald, take him for his Sunday drive to the zoo.  Ralph loved going to the zoo and enjoying to the odoriferous inhabitants perhaps more than he loved the scent of a strange dog in his neighborhood.

It was hard for him to get out these days – too many fans.  Ever since he single-handedly tracked down a  band of thieves that had robbed three different museums across the Southwestern United States he could hardly enjoy a daily walk without being overrun by young pups and eager females.  He didn’t mind the dames much, but the pups were always underfoot.

Reginald had done his best to keep the masses from his master.  Often, he had to go out at night through a hidden back door to avoid being followed home by random strays on simple trips to the grocer.  It took several months for Reginald to coerce his master to disregard the masses and take the time to enjoy his own life.  The San Diego Zoo was perhaps the best bargaining chip he could have asked for.

Since opening its gates two years ago, the San Diego Zoo was Ralph’s favorite stomping grounds.  The young philanthropist had given half of his family’s fortune to the zoo’s construction.  He knew every inch of the zoo.  He knew each and every animal by name… by scent.  He loved them all, and was loved by all in return.

As the Model A driven by Reginald neared the gates Ralph’s excitement became to great for him to contain.  Starting as a low cough like sound in his stomach and pushing up and out erupting from his jowls came a great, long bay.  It sounded as though he were chasing the thieves through the city streets in the still night air.  Ralph yelped a little trying to control himself.  As he caught the scent of the gazelles behind the zoo walls that he could not yet see he mourned his own fame with a sad heartfelt whin.  My… how he had missed the zoo.

Reginald rounded the final corner and there they were – a pack of unwelcome onlookers.


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