Can any school foster pure creativity?

In short… NO.

After reading the article on Mind Shift, I do not feel that any school can foster pure creativity.

Every school system has its own flaws.

  • Public school systems deal with too many students and bureaucracies to foster more than minimal creative output from students.  I agree with this article in that children are often discouraged from being creative as a means of controlling discipline within the classroom.  As the article on New Republic indicates children are often diagnosed with ADHD because creative traits are also indicators for the disorder.  Furthermore public schools, because of the size and bureaucracy, must adhere to an agreed upon curriculum.  Teachers frantically try to cover the highlights of the curricula and have little time to encourage students to develop creatively.  To my own horror I have witnessed a Kindergarten teacher reprimand a student for coloring a horse purple and not brown, black, or white.  The teacher told me that she didn’t have time to allow students to think for themselves… in Kindergarten.  Standards are becoming a bit ridiculous, especially at the lower levels.
  • Private schools are also incapable of fostering creativity.  The reason for this is they have the same standards to fulfill as private schools while they also have their own agenda.
  • The democratic schools that were discussed in this article seem to be the most likely to achieve fostering creatively independent students because students are able to create their own curriculum as they go and develop their own relationships with others as they choose.

Perhaps as technology advances we will be able to provide students the resources needed to self educate and ultimately allow for creativity.


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