Digital Story Telling is a very unique means of massive collaboration on projects from ideas and conception to creation.  DS106 is one site that allows for open participation in daily assignments with no hidden agenda other than creating art on massive digital and real world scales

DS106 is a unique platform for digital story telling.  There are are five categories in which open participants create art in the daily creates areas: photography, drawing, audio, video, and writing.  There are also several other categories in the assignment bank free for anyone to try.

Though it is completely free to join there are several hoops to jump though if you have a small digital presence.  You must do the following in order to fully participate in the site:

  • set up Gravatar
  • set up Twitter
  • set up Flickr
  • set up G-mail
  • Set up SoundCloud

Now, for most people this is no big deal, and growing up in this modern world has probably led many of this generations youth to engage in several usages of one or more of these technologies.  For those of us that have avoided using technology like one would dodge the plague.

After signing up for each account one can freely participate in the creation of art presented in a digital platform.


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