Though I was tremendously pressed for time throughout this semester I learned a tremendous amount about perhaps the most important subject we can engage our students with – technology.  I have learned that one does not have to be a tech savvy guru in order to create a learning environment for students to flourish in.  Many students are beyond our means technologically prior to setting foot in our classrooms.  Now I can create and use technological teaching platforms for my students.  Perhaps the best tool that we can utilize is our own fortitude, our courage.  One cannot fear teaching or the tools to do such if one intends upon teaching.

I have learned a great many things while working on material for this class.  I learned that blogging is easier than one would think.  I learned that there are literally hundreds of ways to promote our students to learn by allowing them choices that can only be provided in a digital medium.  I learned how to use the power of the internet to resource and reference the knowledge of others in all of my teaching and learning.

I understand a great deal more than I did prior to this class.  I now understand some of my own biases and preconceived notions as a teacher and I am better prepared to overcome them.  I understand that Twitter is a tool that educators should fight for, and I intend upon fighting.

As I move on from this moment in my education, I am better armed to help my students succeed in the digital world in which we live.  I plan on utilizing Feedly to have my students follow areas that interest them and write about and share them with others, perhaps globally.  I intend on having my students create a blog to create a positive digital footprint.  In the future, I will expand upon my own PLN.  Since starting a PLN, mere days ago, I have more confidence in approaching my own teaching.  I will continue my blog to connect with others and to use as examples with my own students.

With my new knowledge and resources, like Kane I feel ready for the world.


One thought on “Digital Lit.: Final Reflection

  1. If you were trying to write a post that would 100% appeal to me and my beliefs about teaching and learning, you couldn’t have done a better job, LOL. I think one place we educators go really wrong in classes like Digital Literacy is to focus on the tools rather than the habits and mindsets. You are so right in what you say about courage. Having the courage to take risks, to try new things, to admit we don’t know things, to show how we learn, to ask questions, to share our successes and our failures.


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