Book Love: Chapters 3-4

One of the biggest ideas that I will walk away from these chapters is that “good teaching is based not on a system but on a relationship” (35).  This quote stuck with me because it is pretty much what brought me to teaching.  I understand that the system may not be broke, but it is in dire need of repair.  I think what we all need to consider is that no one person is the same as the next.  We have had embraced difference, as long as it is not too different, yet we still take the same approaches to education.  We expect kids to care about going to school to get a job and excel while contributing to society but we seldom take the time to build a relationship with our students.  The students seldom care about education without reciprocation from teachers who genuinely care for their development.  Meanwhile many teachers complain about class sizes because of work-load, not because of relationships with students. I think we can bridge the gap with every student be taking the time to care enough for them to suggest paths for them to learn the skills they need to tackle new challenges. I could envision about half of my eighth grade class as Keith from the Nudging One Reader section.  It is not that I have hellions.  I have great kids, they just only do the work that they actually HAVE to do.  If they can fake it… they will. I loved the chapter “Opening Doors into Reading.”  I thought it was great how she had each door represent a trait or book type that every reader needs to discover, especially struggling readers.  Pairing each door with a suggested reading was excellent.  I learned a great deal and made a giant wish list of books to try and pass along to my administration.

I think I am going to have my students sign out books on a Google Document so that no one can sign someone else’s name and they will be time stamped.  I hope this may cut down on the number of books that walk away so that I can continue to add to my library.  Although Kittle teaches on a block schedule I will be modeling my classes on her Reading/Writing Workshop schedule from page 57 with some adaptations for the differences in time.


One thought on “Book Love: Chapters 3-4

  1. I so agree with everything you’ve written here. It’s all about relationships. This is the main problem I see in classrooms–a lack of emphasis on relationship.We treat the many symptoms that arise in the form of behaviors, lack of motivation for work, lack of engagement in the subject matter, without treating the actual cause–lack of relationship.


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